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Prices & Packages

Personal Training


Single in person PT Session      - £65

Double PT Session                       - £35 P/P

(Train with a friend or family member)

Single live online PT Session - £40

Online PT Class - £15

Diet and Training Plans


Basic Training Program - £60

12 Week Training Plan - £150

Basic Diet Plan - £100

12 Week Nutrition Plans - £400

Online Membership 

Bronze - up to 4 live online PT sessions, basic diet plan, basic training program, live consultation, ongoing feedback and support 

£200 per month

Silver - up to 8 live online PT sessions, Nutritional plan with constant monthly updates, limited access to all  workouts, bespoke 4 Week Training plan with monthly load updates

£450 per month

Gold - up to 12 live online PT sessions, nutritional plan with constant monthly updates and monitoring, full access 24/7 to all workouts, bespoke 4 week training plan with tailored load increments and monthly updates

£600 per month


I can also provide full pre/post season training & diet annual plans which include full mesocycle and macrocycle breakdowns for those who require plans tailored specifically for their sport. Email me for more information and a full price breakdown 

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